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I've linked to a specific stickied post that helps explain it. I've populated the sub with some content, over the past few days, and that's a general idea of the subjects I expect to cover. I'd absolutely love additional contributions and the ideal of growing a sub dedicated to education is one that's been discussed with numerous goats in the past.

Do note, it's a moderated community and there's three simple rules. That's 'cause it's meant to be very topical and beneficial. There's other subs if you don't like those rules.

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Well fuck, here I am planning to delete my account tonight to focus on healthier mind input and you niggers pop this to the top of the page...

...I'll be resigning in the coming weeks?

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LOL it'll be here when you get back, or is motivation to stay. My submissions are almost all about education, or are educational.

It's what I do. It is what I'll be doing all winter long.

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What are you teaching about jews?

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I am not teaching anything. I'm providing resources for those who wish to learn. They are to teach themselves.

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tell me something worth learning.

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You are your effort. Bloody paragraphs of welcoming.

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what did you do the past month?

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Lots, you'll have to narrow that down.

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You weren't active on voat. Did someone buy your account?

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... There is already a university run by a hard working voater and they have just compiled their art history sub.

Why are you stealing their educational foundations from under their feet?

Guess what, you are Cambridge and they are Oxford.

Try and reconcile that road boy.