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We got the tacos- that's the best their civilization has to offer. Now they can go back.


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Actually, weren't taco's invented in America? Either way, top kek


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im more of a chimichanga guy but i dont know if theyre legit wetback food. Them flauta things are pretty kickass too but tacos dont agree with me. disclaimer - the only thing thats gonna sink faster in the south pacific than an indonesian people smuggling boat would be a mexican on a truck tube. the vast majority of ours are legal. Im not so sure about a lot of the colombian cleaners ive been running into lately tho...

tell you what tho, ill do you a trade, some mexicans for some sudanese. theyre great at collecting other peoples wealth and stealing enough alcohol that you never have to give them any booze at parties. lol j/k apex gang doesnt exist.

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Hey, how's your lame tradwifeban sub going? Have you gotten a subscriber yet? LOL