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Stick to red pill. We should all be familiar with "x pill" (not red) being a method for distraction to some degree. Maybe you've seen other posts of mine where I broke down how usurping words/phrases works and how it's used to combat the spread and to ruin the integrity of particular words/phrases.

Smells like kike.

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Don't fall into the identity politics trap.

If you are white and you are a nationalist just call yourself a nationalist.

Just call yourself a nationalist and support Africa for African, Israel for Israelis, Muslim nations for Muslims, and White nations for Whites. That way the leftards can't call you a bigot or racist or neonazi. If they disagree with you, just ask, wait so you don't support Africa for Africans? You must be rayciss!

Nationalism is the opposite of Globalism. Globalism aims to destroy borders and turn every nation into a single entity controlled by globalist bankers. If you love your country then you know that this is a problem. The leftard is trying hard to force a narrative that white nationalists want to genocide every single non-white person from earth and rally everyone against these "angry white men." Do not support the narrative.

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Because voat needs another subverse for LARPing incels.

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White pride? Impossible, must be a larp.