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I demand mod powers. cant trust the brits.

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Do you want to be an owner, moderator, janitor, or designer?

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Make him a janitor ;-)

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Make him the jizz mopper for the beat-off booths.

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Wtf does alt tech mean. Is that like computers with mohawks or is it like using a raspberry pi controlled abacus instead of a calculator

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MSM will tell you it's Nazi Tech.

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...Nazi Tech...alright, neat.

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Alt-tech is the term normies are throwing around for "alternatives" to monopolies like Youtube. It should be called "poor tech", because the underlying technologies are the same, just with a lot less money backing them.

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What is alt-tech?

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Blockchain stuff, open source hardware and software, meshnet networking decentralized internet like ipfs which replaces http. There's really a whole ocean of open source software to that is left undiscovered everyday. Alt-Tech can also be home made hardware projects like usb condoms, homemade tesla packs for solar and automated farming. A central part of alt-tech is so you don't become dependent on the people that control it and learn to use it to advance your well being, instead of the technology using you.

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Its shit like the Atari Jaguar that fails immediately. OP is a faggot.

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What is the MOST* effective method of learning object oriented programming principles. I've detected POOR one before.

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i want free ethereal energy :)

someone has to know how to do it

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i lik eit

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Have you guys heard about the Jews?

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Gimme god powers

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