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the real threat is within our structures of society. the kikes

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Who is dividing and conquering the West? Who is leading the pincer movement(s)?

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I know who will unite the west and fight the cucks https://voat.co/v/canadianpolitics/2165995

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I will help in any way I can. All I ask is that you kill me last, and spare my adopted "daughter". I stopped abusing her years ago and couldn't stomach sending her to the kill room. So I told her the truth, that she has to grow up and expose my people and what we have done. She's a Celtic child. Watch for her in about 5-10 years. She will be the next Hitler, if I can help it.

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Oh @ChiefPacman. You are one of the greatest trolls on Voat! I keep thinking you're actually Jewish.

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Neat, subscribing to see how it takes off.

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"EU wants to include 50,000 refugees: Member States receive 10,000 euros per migrant". Now European taxpayers must pay for their INsecurity. That's the world upside down.

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Just germany will take 200k niggers per year, and refusing them gives fine 250k per heafd !!!

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I believe there are many threats to the USA and Western world not just the ragheaded shitlamics, there are many things marxism communism, apathy, anti-fa nuts, a loss of community and healthy nationalism, yes there are subversive zionist Jews but there are also many other threats and sadly some of the so-called White Nationalists here are actually Arabs in disguise posting their bullshit propaganda, Fuck the Rightwing Israeli and Fuck those Camel Jacker Mohammedans!! many Globalists Internationalists want play American against America, if the people in th USA are fighting each other and not united it makes America easier to manipulate, rightwing vs left, race vs ethnicties, red vs blue, North and South of the States fighting and East vs West...people manipulated and dragged into endless street battles and endless foreign wars...oh yeah and I believe the environment also a threat/danger ' Gasp ' a conservative who believes mankind can fuck up the enviornment, we can mess up the food chain with toxins and a conservative, who cares about the water and environment

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Just what voat needs more of. In case anyone hasn't picked up on it.

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Shill detected

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You know, you faggots bitch and moan about the left shutting down debate by calling names. How is calling everyone a shill any different than the left calling someone racist or misogynist? Fucking hypocrite.