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What hope is there when they are in a city that fast tracks someone into being a police officer based on their refugee status who goes on to kill an innocent person? Logic has left Minneapolis and this theatre is done for.

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Then everything and everyone is done for. We only need two more signatures. See how easy you give up, a theater company is better at fighting this then you. Also, in Minnesota's defense, Did the Police Chief step down as a direct result of these incidents (Castille & Dimond) ? Yes. Did the great people of Minneapolis and Minnesota step up to the plate and handle business to make that happen? Yes. Now, your point?

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I will change my belief when I see that fucker arrested and charged for murder.

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Fuck Minnesota , you are cucked by mudslimes

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Minnesota is a beautiful state. We are the land of 10,000 lakes. You are sorely mistaken. Minneapolis is only a small dot on the map of the whole state.

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You have African cops dude... I knew some minasotans while I was deployed. Biggest bunch of square faggots I've ever met. Baby sergeant got scared and told on me, how do you get scared of your own team in the middle of a warzone. Master Sgt. laughed at him.

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Wrong sub, buddy.

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The land lord could want the theater torn down and the city will do that for free.

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The landlord is making enormous profits, this is not a low rent theater, it is next to the Basilica a landmark in Minneapolis. They also profit on the gym and the other tenants that lease the building. The landlord would never lose money and tear it down. The theater can't operate and were evicted because the landlord did not want to deal with this. The theater has 500 season ticket holders. So the show must go on! However, where? All the money for the production was spent trying to get the building up to code and was a total loss to the theater owners who rent the building. It should not be the tenants responsibility to get the building up to code (add bathrooms fix doors etc. especially when there are multiple tenants, and they all pay large amounts thousands of dollars in rent..