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protip: stop buying soda. can't drink soda if you don't possess soda. shit's easy. one good decision once a week while shopping can easily prevent 12 bad soda drinking decisions if you just don't buy a 12-pack at the store.

protip2: learn how to drink water. water is good and a great soda replacement for your drinking habit


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water is good. . .

It really is. Just doesn't seem like it when your quitting soda and craving a sugary fizz syrup.

I promise you won't be disappointed with your drink every meal for the rest of your life. Once you've beat your addiction water actually does taste good.

(Unless you go somewhere with shitty water)


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This right here.

I always drank lots of water, but soda and energy drinks I would drink frequently too. I started drinking tea raw and it was disgusting. Cutting out sugar drinks, stuff like tea actually tastes semi-sweet now.

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tbh I think a lot of people have forgotten. I've seriously heard people say shit like "I don't drink water; I hate the way it tastes". How much beetus must one have flowing through them to seriously say or think something like that?


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This entire thread belongs in /v/fatpeoplehate .


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I suspect that they'd delete it for fat sympathy.