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I quit drinking soda the day I realized that stopping at a gas station to get a huge coca cola made me feel happy. That's some empty happiness right there.

I bet that most people don't recognize it as a real addiction, but it absolutely is.

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Well, there's an addiction present, but it's not to soda; not strictly anyways. It's more of a sugar & artificial sweetener addiction. Now try going without artificial sugar for a month. You'll find that you suffer through physical withdrawal symptoms.

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Yes Aspartame withdrawls feel like you're about to get the flu.

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Try seltzer water. The fizz is partially why soda can be addicting. Your brain releases endorphins in response to the pain the carbonation causes.

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Fizzy water was definitely a helpful step for me in quitting soda and learning to like the taste of water.

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La Croix fitness water. I live by the stuff. Made in Warren, Michigan too.

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You can also add some natural salt to the water. It increases the minerals and electrolytes of the drink. Here is an article that explains the benefits of the technique. http://www.thealternativedaily.com/7-reasons-drink-warm-salt-water-every-morning/

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I get those little cans perrier by the case for our fridge. Those are our treats.

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Buy American.

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My son was getting a bit fat, then he quit drinking Pepsi and any other sodas. That's all he did, and he lost all of the extra weight and has kept it off for a few years now . . .

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protip: stop buying soda. can't drink soda if you don't possess soda. shit's easy. one good decision once a week while shopping can easily prevent 12 bad soda drinking decisions if you just don't buy a 12-pack at the store.

protip2: learn how to drink water. water is good and a great soda replacement for your drinking habit

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water is good. . .

It really is. Just doesn't seem like it when your quitting soda and craving a sugary fizz syrup.

I promise you won't be disappointed with your drink every meal for the rest of your life. Once you've beat your addiction water actually does taste good.

(Unless you go somewhere with shitty water)

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This right here.

I always drank lots of water, but soda and energy drinks I would drink frequently too. I started drinking tea raw and it was disgusting. Cutting out sugar drinks, stuff like tea actually tastes semi-sweet now.

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tbh I think a lot of people have forgotten. I've seriously heard people say shit like "I don't drink water; I hate the way it tastes". How much beetus must one have flowing through them to seriously say or think something like that?

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This entire thread belongs in /v/fatpeoplehate .

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I suspect that they'd delete it for fat sympathy.

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I might have a slight coke problem.

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Cocaine will really do that to ya.

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Taking about the cola but yeah that too.

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Cocaine is a great way to lose weight though.

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Have you ever tasted freshly juiced grape and sour apple?

It's miles more electrifying to the taste buds than synthetic soda.

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Soda or hard drug?

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I just learned about this yesterday, but when people drink a bunch of caffeine and sit themselves in front of the television or movie screen, they are making themselves easier to brainwash and indoctrinate by Hollywood:

Caffeine, Cognition, and Persuasion: Evidence for Caffeine Increasing the Systematic Processing of Persuasive Messages

Caffeine is known to increase arousal, attention, and information processing–all factors implicated in facilitating persuasion. In a standard attitude-change paradigm, participants consumed an orange-juice drink that either contained caffeine (3.5 mg/kg body weight) or did not (placebo) prior to reading a counterattitudinal communication (anti-voluntary euthanasia). Participants then completed a thought-listing task and a number of attitude scales. The first experiment showed that those who consumed caffeine showed greater agreement with the communication (direct attitude: voluntary euthanasia) and on an issue related to, but not contained in, the communication (indirect attitude: abortion). The order in which direct and indirect attitudes were measured did not affect the results. A second experiment manipulated the quality of the arguments in the message (strong vs. weak) to determine whether systematic processing had occurred. There was evidence that systematic processing occurred in both drink conditions, but was greater for those who had consumed caffeine. In both experiments, the amount of message-congruent thinking mediated persuasion. These results show that caffeine can increase the extent to which people systematically process and are influenced by a persuasive communication.

The people who received caffeine instead of a placebo were more likely to support euthanasia, and also abortion (even though abortion wasn't directly proposed). In other words, you can even give people caffeine to convince them to kill themselves and their babies.

Scary stuff

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Step 1: stop

Step 2: nothing

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Soda was the last thing I quit. I quit smokes, alcohol, carbs, sugar, but (then diet) sodas were the last thing and honestly one of the harder ones. Good luck everyone.

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