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I've been following John's videos for a while now and I find his videos enlightening and valuable. I know other goats follow his content as well. I checked to see if there are other subverses dedicated to his videos and I could not find any, so I've made /v/ASP. I'll be posting the videos that he posts daily to /v/ASP, and I welcome others to post his content there as well. I encourage all goats to check out his content, and you can use /v/ASP to follow it more easily if you like.

I meant to mark NSFW in this submission title as Rule 3 asks, but I forgot. If a moderator could do this I would appreciate it. There is not nudity or other such material in his videos, but these are real encounters that John goes over and sometimes people get seriously or fatally injured. That is a warning to anyone who might decide to look into the content. Despite the tragedy of innocents sometimes dying, John helps us learn from their losses to help us all better protect ourselves and those around us.