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They really need to fix that. Happened to me before assuming there is mor than one news subverse here just like every other site. News is usually broken into 5+ categories. I always browse all sobverses. Very rarely do I go through the list, I can name mayeb 10 at most. At a glance it looks like it says "News Subverses" as in will posts to any subverse news related which makes sense if you dont go through the list often. Other sites have things similar they call other crap so that you dont limit to USA new, world news, politics, etc. You can just post "news".

The key word missing that would stop that from happening is CREATE. If you put that word in the beginning of anything, everyone from anywhere knows it means you are going to create something. Putting New next to anything that starts with an S looks like news. I'm not dyslexic, its just how it looks when there is no space there. Its one of the most common words people read every day.

So if any mods are looking, how about using the word CREATE! Just a though. Seems to make sense to me. Would stop seeing this DAILY too. I bet it happens more than just once per day. On a side note, I have created a lot of Java user interfaces for different companies, and we intentionally would normally make anything that was different than others like it, in a list, stick out. That way people would look at it a few times before selecting it. Especially if it created a headache for us in IT. Because of that we intentionally would change words when we didnt have to just to draw attention to the differences in things so people wouldnt click on the same button every time. For us it was always where things get routed by the systems we built. Here it just pisses people off.


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I'm here thinking it was news subverses. I now feel dumb.