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If you are the same guy from reddit, thanks for all the information. Your sub is awesome.

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I am the same guy from Reddit, and thanks for the kind words. (Proof is on my contact page)

The other mods and I do our best to make it a useful sub! I'd love to see this sub grow like that one has.

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I would be interested. I know veeeery little of Vpn and would enjoy hearing not only actual recommendations, but skills, logic and uses.

A spam side sounds terrible but I just sub'ed for the future.

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There are so many shills and resellers lurking, waiting for someone to ask what a good service is so they can paste their affiliate link...

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That's got to be the best domain hack I've ever seen. Probably the first time I've seen the concept applied to a subverse.

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Crazy I was just looking into Vpns again because I'm done with streaming and going back to torrenting, pretty much I can't stand the streaming popups anymore on kodi, so I was probably going to get a vpn from PIA and set it to my router and use quasar on kodi,

Honestly wish there was something like quasar for plex so i could just bulid a basic server but from what I can see there isn't. Anyway keep up the good work I always enjoyed the rvpn sub and private trackers one.

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Ok, looks like there's two main ones.

http://www.piczel.tv I already mentioned.

The other one is https://www.picarto.tv

piczel is the one with the most lax regulations on content.

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There's plenty of free streaming services ... and believe it or not, furries are pretty on-top of it since they have to find services that are relatively ad-free, inexpensive (or free), and tolerant of adult material ... let me look into some of my furry contacts and see what i can dig up for you.


Try http://www.piczel.tv

Edit 2: I'll come up with more as I can, but will post in a separate message to let you know.

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Have you tried using a Pi-Hole?

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I remember seeing your website and taking a lot of advice from it. Thanks for providing all the information!

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You should claim v/vpn so you can have the real subverse

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The mods are just active enough to make that hard. I looked into it before, but came to the conclusion that making this sub is the best course. Maybe in time.

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Both me and /u/EdwardSnowden are active -- I check the subverse daily and remove spam and reply to user PMs. It is not abandoned; we simply have a laid-back moderation style, a laissez-faire approach for most content that is not overtly spammy/rule-breaking/etc.

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What Leaf said.


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Hello, welcome to voat. :)

Glad to see you're over here as well, I enjoyed your posts before and hope to continue doing so.

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You should probably have /v/vpn*THATonepriv... just for coats sake of posting. No one will find this.