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Wasn't one of the main points of contention with the censorship of subreddits that they WEREN'T brigading? Why come here just to brigade? Makes Voat look bad I think.


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People will be people, trolling is most likely free speech.

It can also be used as censorship, but that ability is already integrated in the system by having a downvote button.

Not cheering or condemning this stance, but as much as people want to try and rise above certain behavior they have to account for different wishes and expectations from the people who will visit an open forum.

So far I haven't seen a good solution for people in (very large) groups with different attitudes and goals in life to coexist without frictio.


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You're assuming people care about all of that nonsense... I just want to see what happens. Could be fun.. Might be boring. Let's see.


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You guys are actively disrupting other subverses.

This subverse shouldn't exist. It affects all of voat, not it's own subverse. FPH, Racism, jailbait, whatever. They're contained. The entire point of this is to both other subverses. You don't need a place here, in my opinion.


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Yeah, this is first subverse that makes me queasy.