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As an American expat living in Germany for a year now, I'm going to call bullshit on the title choice.

For those of you who didn't actually click the link and read the article, the article is titled "Germany unnerved by scores of xenophobic attacks against refugees". The article discusses the rise of various groups, some simply concerened and others rather extreme, who are not in favor of Germany's recent influx of refugees seeking asylum. There is of course a neo-Nazi movement in Germany, there has since WWII ended. However, neo-Nazis in Germany have as much to do with WWII as white-supremecists in the United States have to do with the civil war. They are originated from these chapters in history, but they are contemporarily their own movements with an identity that is completely removed from that of their origins.

Today's Germans are being shamed by the media? What media outlets? Where are your sources for this, @explorevoat? The word "media" only appears twice in this entire article, and both times refering to verbal attacks against immigrants on social-media.

What this article is about, is the increasing xenophobic feelings being displayed by Germans. Some are actual neo-Nazis who are burning down refugee apartments, while others are simply prostesting in parades. There are many who don't agree with the influx of asylum seekers, but are concerned that voicing this opinion will make them appear to be in the same circle as other neo-Nazis, to which they actually do not belong.

This articlel has nothing to do with WWII shaming Germans into accepting illegal immigrants.

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