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She is a jew and probably promoted.

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Used to live in that school district, it is a very conservative area so they are probably looking to quietly get rid of her without her suing them.

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hahaha she looks like the classic hand rubbing jewess. fuck these anti-white witch face bastards.

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Only the fucking communists......................

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She'd be fine if it were a Hilldawg or Obongo Shirt had she won or when he was the pos potus. Disgusting they'd cry racist or male chauvenist or some other BS. Since Trumps a White Male compare MAGA to a Swastika I swear to God I hate Leftist and PC Cucks with a Passion anymore. They all make me Sick!

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Wonder how she feels about nip sewer covers

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I've been wearing a swastika t shirt all over town. You wouldn't believe how much trump talk I get. Pretty good, I say. Just a couple of years ago I would be marginalized heavily. Today I have been associated with something so mainstream my armies have grown by literal tens of millions. Nice.

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