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Never heard of that person, sounds like a publicity stunt that has worked. Shame on Fox News for embedding the video in their article and giving him more views to feed his ego. Don't know the last time I heard about a black child being hanged let alone an actual lynching of a black child since we don't have lynch mobs anymore (or have I missed one recently?)

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I suspect this guy will have to have a 6 man team of UZI toting thugs to protect him where ever he goes. I also wouldn't be surprised if he gets himself lynched in spite of his body guards.

Hay lefties: Who's racist now? If a white guy did this it would be a hate crime. State authorities better be taking that child away from that mother as well.

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Now if this isn't part of the globalist plan, to cause extream anger between people, which raises the level of hate between people, to a explosive level ... and start a civil war. I dont know what more it would take. Ya know, this video could do that if we let it.

I hope (((they))) paid this pavement ape a good pile of money cause his ass is grass.

Let's we make a list of the violations we think this man should be investigated for. Then when there is enough violations of these childrens constitutional rights, legal protections and laws listed we can do a petition and force the elected officials to investigate these listed violations, if it can be back tracked to the elite ...Soros ??.

Well, I would be intrested to know how come this poor excuse for a human did something so incredibly stupid and who paid him to do it, and maybe we can start locking (((them))) up.

I insist he be arrested for ...

child abuse, child endagerment, pimping these children for his own profit, solistaing a child to use in violence, iciting plubic rage which puts these childrens lives in danger,...

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This dumbshit got knocked the fuck out, in front of a crowd of people recently. The guy is just trying to rile up as many people as possible, and no one is having it


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Will never catch on.I know rap is boring, but combining it with bare knuckle boxing does not help.

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Had enough?

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Deep down the niggers are angry that their ancestors were pulled out of the deserts and jungles where they belong. Why they don't just FUCKING LEAVE owes mainly to the Democrats practically enslaving them with welfare. The media has made them feel entitled to things they've never earned, let alone built themselves. This kind of production is an expression of their frustration about all that. Can't really blame them.

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Did anyone here even watch it?

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