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NO SHIT. Thank you, Mr. President.

As somebody who works in IT, you would not believe the fucking security nightmare that is Chinese-manufactured components. While computers aren't magical machines that can do anything, you really can't trust anything that comes out of China.

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it's not like the us govt doesn't have companies install malware to listen in on us already. there was a wiki on it.

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It's not like companies are hesitant to utilize malware or the government to stay competitive in a globally corrupt market.

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I'm far less worried about the our government than I am about China.

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True. Malware is often stored in the firmware of common USB PNP mice and keyboards. Of course, virus scans never scan the embedded firmware of peripherals. Guess where most of this shot comes from? You guessed it. China. Nothing is safe anymore.

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It is a total pain in the ass to sanitize network equipment these days. Used to be you just pulled the hard drives and destroyed them. Now, thanks to China, there are memory-storage devices in equipment that is not designed to store memory, so you have to open the box and take a number of cards etc out.

And yeah, they can do data captures with almost anything. Options are limited based on what device they're using, but since there are so many devices, there are a mind-boggling number of possibilities.

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Fuck... my grandma was right 15 years ago.

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You'd think with all the backdoors the US puts in chips they would have come to this conclusion much earlier

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I feel like Annie right now. Post adoption.

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My work imports and qc tests thousands of usb sticks a day. Half of em are trash straight out the box.

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No shit? Wow.

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50% shit, actually.

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Still winning, still not tired of it

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That's what this article says?

That Trump has ok'd a deal that will allow the construction of a nuclear reactor is Saudi Arabia?

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Saudi's are masters of backdoor activity.

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i saw it on a twitter last night i cant seem to find it but yeah taiwan and saudi should go next in being "nuclear"

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(Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump blocked a Chinese-backed private equity firm from buying a U.S.-based chipmaker on Wednesday, sending a clear signal to Beijing that Washington will oppose takeover deals that involve technologies with potential military applications.

I can dig it.

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Can you imagine that Clinton's doing such a thing!?!

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After Clinton sold out 20% of our uranium to Russia? Yea, no.

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