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"Sucked in" = learning the truth.

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As opposed to "Goodthink"

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TIL 1 kek is now a scientific measurement.

I am ok with this.

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It is the opposite of a hugbox because most of the subjects discussed are things the people discussing them wish were not true.

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that is as beautiful as it is terrable.

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> hurt box


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When you research something you have to try and be objective. It's a legitimate concern, but it does make you think about their mentors who probably weren't as concerned about checking up on them about tumblr and the like.

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So they checked for nigger, and they checked for faggot, but did they check for niggerfaggot?

[–] BigFatDaddy 2 points 16 points (+18|-2) ago 

I thought niggerfaggot was a Voat thing?

[–] Crensch 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago  (edited ago)

It is. Some Goats graze on [REDACTED]chan's delicious twin peaks of real estate, though.

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It's straight from the chins. Since everyone is a nigger AND a faggot, it is more economical to remove the space; niggerfaggot.

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Niggerfaggot has been around WAY LONGER than Voat.


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4chan has been using niggerfaggot since the beginning, but it's obscene enough that it never filtered out to the normies. The closest is some video of a college comedy club skit where niggerfaggot is word in a spelling bee. It used to be on youtube but I wouldnt be surprised if it has been deleted.

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If Goy is in the "hate dictionary", how come HuffingtonPost doesn't get in trouble for using it?

PS: Is "leaf" considered a racial slur? Asking for a friend.

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For many years I thought they meant Leafposters were stoned people. I had no idea they were Canadians.

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Pussy is a "bad" word?

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Not to mention "idiot" and "frog"

(Pepe did nothing wrong)

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It's incredible how many people think that the insult, "pussy," stems from equating a man to a woman (therefore he is lesser, patriachy and such)

Pusilanimous; the root word for "pussy" is a 6th grade vocab word

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Love it.

Among other things, this allowed the researchers to conduct word frequency analysis on the posts, the results of which show just how common offensive language is (i.e., the word "nigger" appears in just over 2 percent of all posts on the board.)

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Hearing real people talking about issues without the fear and oppression of political correctness is very eye opening.

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It's that open society the Centerists claim to want.

Open expression doesn't always reach the right answers either but it prevents a memeplex from permanently dominating.

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Not sure the monitoring worked as intended. Look at "Appendix A" of the study: "Rare Pepes. In this Section we display some of our rare Pepe collection."


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Glad I sold off some of my pepes before they tanked the market with this behavior.

Sounds like its a good time to buy while it's low.

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TF did I just download

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No doubt something terrible. Pdfs are transmission vectors for computer cancer

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Dear lord, they compare a meme to the Bayeux Tapestry, that is amazing.

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This study is useless because they failed to control for shilling.

[–] Broc_Lia 1 points 18 points (+19|-1) ago 

and the kind of dark humor that transformed a cartoon frog into a right wing icon.

I want a web extension which autoreplaces "right wing" with "not socialist."

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Birds are so good at flight because the left wing and the not socialist move in perfect unison.

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It works both as political accuracy and general comedy!

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This enables them to gracefully soar through my butt.

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Inb4 Chromestore removes for Hatecoding.

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Pepe is both not socialist AND totally right wing! :D

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The point is that all "right wing" means is "not socialist." It's so broad it's useless. For example, confucians are right wing who venerate tradition and place merchants at the bottom of the social scale, but so are ancaps who tend to treat traditions on their own merits and value merchants (entrepreneurs) as one of the most important members of society.

You could define the political spectrum by putting any one specific ideology on one end and everything else on the other and it would be just as broken. Here's one: Catholics vs. Heretics. You even get horseshoe theory because some extreme heretics (like lutherans) have more in common with extreme catholics (like jesuits) than they do with other heretics.

Not my downvote btw.

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Remember: youre here forever

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Remember, you're here until they shut us down.

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If it is ever shut down the spirit will spread. Like a thousand, thousand seeds the refugees of /pol/ will drift through the electronic aether alighting on different sites and bringing the word. The storiez say a promised land awaits at the end of their wanderings. A site served on a p2p platform embedded into each computing platform: IoT, mobile, and desktop, server farms, Iranian nuclear facility centrifuge controllers... By the time /pol/ arrives they will be changed. Grown vast by the spreading of the word. And all will come. And all will grow what will be.

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Fuck you I'm taking the blue pill so I can go outside and get some sun

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I don't care if this steak is real

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swallow the red pill and use the blue pill as a suppository

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God DAMMIT. There is always one.

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Nothing lasts forever.

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I think we all can feel a sense of pride with this.

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Fuck you?

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