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Well, I know which motel chain is getting my business from now on.

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Motel 6 is the shit. I breeded my roommate's sister at a motel 6

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Yeah because I want a hotel that gives guest data to the Feds voluntarily en masse.

Did you guys read the article? This shit goes beyond immigration and racial profiling.

They are dumping their guest lists to the Feds.

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Totalitarianism is not a restful feeling.

I grew up in a country where you simply paid cash and signed in, you were essentially free to sign a name that was not yours. It was a wondrously free place; I mourn for her.

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'the feds' in this case though, is specifically only ICE, so I don't have a problem with that at all. Government should be minimal, but ICE is one of the few agencies that's worth keeping. Same thing goes for warrants. If you're a criminal on the run, I have no problem whatsoever with somebody reporting you, including a business that you patronize. This system only affects people who are already in a criminal database, so I have no problem with that personally.

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It's OK if they snitch on an out-group and invite the government to use force against them.

Government has always cared about our best interests, and there is no way that happy little arrangement could ever be turned against our in-group, amirite?

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I guess I could overlook the semen and blood stained mattresses and chairs with Motel 6 to give them a little FUCK YEAH in support of their trashy motels! Kudos Motel 6!

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I'll make sure to go out of my way to stop at a Motel 6 if I'm ever on a road trip in the near future.

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How dare they investigate leads about illegal aliens who should not be in this country!

How dare they do their jobs!


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I guess they're giving all info about all guests

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The front-desk clerk told him that he needed to show identification in order to reserve a room. Rodriguez-Juarez handed over the only thing he had — a Mexican voter ID card.


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Smarter than Americans apparently: They demand voter ID

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But voter ID is raycis!!!!!!!

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We don't have it because of democrats. They lie about the reason but we all know how many votes they would lose when all those illegal votes are no longer counted.

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If that does not deserve a Rekt, I don't know what does.

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Now that's funny. Mexico even wants mexicans to have voter IDs, how can it be racist?!

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It worked for all of our government services, why would he think any differently of a motel...

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Motel 6 - functioning ICE machines, guaranteed.

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Not leaving the lights on for everyone, apparently.

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New slogan: "We'll leave the ICE on for ya".

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On a hot Wednesday in June, Manuel Rodriguez-Juarez, a 33-year-old landscaper, got into an argument with his live-in girlfriend. While he waited for her to cool down, he decided to check into a $45-a-night room at a nearby Motel 6...

€30 says she did it, lol.

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Ya first thing i thought. Women are devious when they are pissed. All emotion driven no thinking ahead when they see red

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Well, some are. If she's bad enough that you have to seek refuge in a hotel then she's probably capable of calling ICE on you.

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bitches be spiteful

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Lol that would have been my first guess also. Women get mad then get even.

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I call this WINNING..

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We should be keeping this shit on the dl. Don't post threads about ICE! Messes up operational edficiency

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Exactly what I was thinking. I'm glad I scrolled through the comments before bringing up that point.

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