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they can also force your finger to unlock existing phones. Do not use biometric security. Use a long passcode.

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Great point. I only use a passcode. Also, make sure to choose 'custom numeric' or 'custom alphanumeric' instead of the basic 4 digit passcode.

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If you have to have your phone easily accessed by touch. Setup an automatic reboot with Tasker on Android and make sure you have password required on reboot option on.

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Or just repeatedly press the power button if you are in the position to know that the police will for some reason take your phone. It will trigger the SOS mode and will ask for a passcode for the following unlock, temporarily disabling biometric scans.

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Can you turn this feature off on this model and use a long passcode? Heard something about their not being a home button?

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“With the iPhone X, your iPhone is locked until you look at it and it recognizes you. Nothing has ever been more simple, natural and effortless,” Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing said in his keynote speech Tuesday. “This is the future of how we’ll unlock our smartphones and protect our sensitive information.”


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This is one of the worst security idea i have ever heard of.

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But Apple invented it!!! *angry tears of fanboy rage*

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I think they mentioned if you were not looking directly at it, or your eyes were closed it would not open.

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That is correct. Will be ineresting to see how it works out in practice.

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Ah, that'll never happen. Also, if you have nothing to hide then who cares if police gain access to all your sensitive information like contacts, messages, photos, videos, social media that you're logged into, credit card info, etc.*

*This post is sarcasm. I thought voaters would understand.

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Some people just don't understand sarcasm.

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I get the point of the whole /s thing but it kills the humor for me.

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woah there buddy you missed the '/s', you better add it so the retards know you're being sarcastic /s.

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Give me your email address and password. I'll look through it and publish anything I find interesting. It's fine, right? Clearly you've got nothing to hide.

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Nice try NSA.

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More "solutions" to imaginary problems.

is unlocking your phone with a passcode really all THAT difficult? What does it take, like 0.5 - 1 second?

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"Hey Siri, turn off FaceID."

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Here's an idea; have utterly nothing on your phone of incrimination to begin with. Turn off tracking, recieve and send nothing criminal and make the phone you carry as innocent as Mary Poppins. I have utterly nothing anywhere in laptop or iphone of incriminating me for anything anywhere. Therefore last time I handed both to Feds when they gave me threat of child porn and sedition and treason (yes I am MC biker) then I laughed and said go ahead idiots. Exactly the same as a bank vault where all the money is. If there is 0 money in the vault then no need to lock it up and be worried over thieves as that is exactly what LE and government is. Thieves and lying murdering scum. Now is this for 100% all situations of course not and look at cops who destroy phones and delete all records of course for LE is made up of a large percentage of criminal scum. But the above still suits. If you have nothing criminal and nothing of value to LE then their efforts wasted. And I do wonder since this article did not say can this face-feature not be turned off? Not that I am any hurry to replace my brick phone. My brick is what travels with me international and my iphone turned off and sim card removed and hidden away.

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Can these be unlocked with a picture?

Like can they arrest you, take your phone and hold it up to the computer screen with a picture of your mug shot?

Can someone steal your phone and use a picture of you from social media?

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No, they specifically addressed that. It uses two different lights with a depth sensor similar to the xbox kinect to detect a 3d face. It's also trained to detect the differences between real faces and highly realistic silicone masks. They didnt mention how but the rumor is that the infrared flood illuminator allows it to see your veins.

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Would need to see to confirm, but I wouldn't imagine so.

The flood illumination and dot generator should be able to let it see the contours... a photo won't have those contours

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