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Maybe the US should stop protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan.

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Instead of a camera that needs to be a scope and then a camera pic of a dead beaner. Totally legal to kill it and then you take his gun that's registered in the USA anyway.

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If you made it legal for militias to use lethal force on invaders, every single hunting spot in the country would be empty and illegal immigration would see a 99% decrease almost over night.

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So this is an armed invasion, time to declare war.

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Sounds like a job for marines

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Why are there black squares on the images?

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Breitbart Texas agreed to redact portions of the images so that the exact locations of the secret law enforcement border cameras would not be revealed. The images were taken within the past month.

10 seconds of reading, man. 10 fucking seconds.

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I could find them still I bet

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In other news: Water is wet.

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these guys have to have weapons for obvious reasons... One not mentioned here, are the cartel beheadings. They are gonna go down fighting if they can

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