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Jesus that poor baby, what a way to come into the world. Being sharted out onto a filthy McDonalds toilet floor and then drowned in a toilet by your mentally handicapped whore of a mother.

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She wont serve life in prison, we know that. The emotional charged headlines die long before she will be convicted.

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She could always pull the "I'm mental" card and end up with a lighter sentence, unfortunately.

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$50 says it was a half-nigger baby.

[–] BTCKek__cheef_jnkbx 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

$50 says need some sauce.you

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Not taking that bet..

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Well what is she afraid of? Her daddy would beat her?

If she let CPS take it no one would have known.. The bitch.

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Give her to isis.

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No? Well that's surprising. Drugs then.

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Life in prison really is too lenient.

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That's harsh.

Its far kinder to give her the death penalty in lieu of life.

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If there were any justice, she would be hanged.

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