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Big Pharma has used the law to price gouge Americans since, forever.

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Can we just go ahead and make all people born equal again? This special rights bullshit has gotten out of hand.

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https://archive.fo/abKvA | https://files.catbox.moe/noqjon.png :

Drug company hands patents off to Native American tribe to avoid challenge | Ars Technica

'A drug company has found a novel way to avoid challenges to some of its most prized patents: handing them off to a Native American tribe for safe-keeping. '

'On Friday, Allergan disclosed that it gave six patents covering its top-selling dry eye drug Restasis to the St. '

'Regis Mohawk Tribe told The New York Times that even before the Allergan deal, the tribe agreed to hold patents for a "technology company," which he declined to name. '

'In fact, university patents have already been found to be immune to IPR under the concept of sovereign immunity. '

'The deal will provide the tribe with $13.75 million immediately and an annual royalty of $15 million as long as the patents are valid. '

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Wow. Your money routed.to the tribes so they can subsidize their paint heads.