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The question of "why" obviously comes up, but I don't really care.

If everything is relative, it is possible that the Leftist that run Twitter really do hate Free Speech, and wanted to curb any speech from the Trump White House before it has a chance to speak.

I am trying to think of non-malicious intent, but regardless, it's an overstepping of the boundaries that are slowly being eroded on the internet, for users.

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Gutless. Do it to Trump's account, I dare ya. That's the only account keeping Twitter afloat. I wish they would, so he could switch to Gab.

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Twitter, google, fagbook, reddit. All jew media that should be ignored and boycotted.

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It's a parody account.

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Not sure if its true. But there are fair use laws no? I mean we live in a nation and time where you can force a baker to bake a cake. How can a big congl. that sells personal information not allow fair use?

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This calls for Hickock45 to come teach Twitter that there are some gongs you can't un-ring.