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Just like Trump, the press never said a bad word about the guy until he said he was running against the demoncraps.

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He's been known for his philanthropy throughout Michigan. If they think attacking him is going to hurt him, they're sadly mistaken. It will rally those who've followed him for years.

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Guess what happens to GOP affiliated women in the metal and rock industry before they ever hit it.

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Kid Rock for US Senate!

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I would much rather have someone who has christian values and says it like it is, however crude that may be, than have another shit eating lying kike controlled politician make promises and further deliver the country down the degenerate shit hole.

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And we get that demonrat fucker Padilla and his fuckboi DeLeon.

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Kid Rock is just another greedy Hollywood mouth piece, illuminati scumbag. The world would be a better place without him.

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He is a flip-flopping personality disorder wigger. Or does he wish he was a southern boy this week? One thing certaqin, he wishes he was a jew. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2008/01/kid_rock_loves_new_york_jews.html

Here's what Hank III said about Kid Rock: https://youtu.be/wz5USGT0WRs?t=169

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Kid rock fucking sucks, man. Did you see his " speech" recently? Idiocracy is absolutely here. This guy has worked for Jews for like 20 years. He's never uttered a substantive policy opinion. He spent decades doing blow. He's a fucking wigger.

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I totally agree. It blows my mind to see people praise him. I get why they do it, though. They want to fuck the system but in reality we will just be fucking ourselves. It truly is idiocracy.