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Lemisch explained Odeh’s past as a convicted terrorist before she immigrated to the U.S. in 1994 on an immigrant visa:

In 1969, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine conducted two bombings in Jerusalem, Israel. One was at a Supersol supermarket, in which two individuals were killed and many more wounded.

The second bombing was at the British Consulate. Defendant Odeh was arrested and charged with participation in the bombings, and in 1970 was convicted. She was sentenced to life imprisonment, but was released in 1979 after ten years’ imprisonment, as part of a prisoner exchange. In numerous television and video interviews throughout the years, other admitted participants in the bombings named Odeh as the person who chose the supermarket as a target, scouted the location and placed the bomb.

She lied about her past on her immigration and citizenship documents...otherwise she never would have been allowed into the US, according to the article.

So as a former a terrorist bomber, she and Madonna must have had a good time chatting it up before the so called Women's March (liberal women only need apply)...or maybe they just think alike.

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Rewarding fraudulent acquisition of citizenship is the worst a country can do with foreigners.

It gives a clear message: "here, if you cheat your way in, you win, cheat your way, that's the way."

It's becomes the moral of their life, you can't let that happen, can't reward that.

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well now she can go be a terrorist elsewhere.

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based trump

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Okay Pope, you know that whole "migrants before national security" bit you were rambling on? This is why we think you're full of it.

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Out ya get you horrendous cunt! Now if only the degenerate Linda Sarsours could somehow be tossed away too.