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more hysteria over some ugly old statue...so just Redneck Country songs and Skinhead Punk music.....what about controversial nationalist Latino nationalistic music? or today's Russian Ska and Rock? how does this apply to folk songs banned by the USSR and Soviet Union....or Irish traditional songs which were seen as rebelious, terroristicly Ireland and troublesome and banned by the BBC? will they also start to ban songs featuring Johnny Cash and old Jazz minstrel 'Negro music' from the days of New Orleans and Dixeland songs...controversial artists and singers like Diamanda Galás, Sevdaliza, activist artists of African dictatorships or Black Metal and Heavy Metal ? or songs that may offend a feminist because of a lyric of a sexual nature? what jury and executioner decides what is right and wrong? or will they apply Double Standards with Shit-hop, Aziangirls, Dayaboveground, Religious Mosque Rat music and cRap music?

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Time to call out the (((music studios))) who produced this "hate speech" and profited immensely from it. Let's see how (((they))) dance around the double standard when the spotlight is on (((them))). After all (((they))) control the music industry so that means (((they))) condone hate speech when it makes (((them))) richer.

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spotify, you fucked up

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It really is a shame. I've used them since I was using a Windows Phone more than half a decade ago, but their repeated attempts at preaching politics have been a huge turn-off. I suppose they don't want my money after all.

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No and you know why? Because welfare chimps and middle class "rebels" living off daddy are a way more stable, most of them forget to cancel or dont care because its not their money.

We both know that long term shit wont work out but those days the attention span is sinking fast maybe CEO's are affected too.

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you gave them money? or are you talking about ads?

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not me. someone elses comment...in spotifies own comment section

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Just canceled Spotify, these idiots have no sense of self preservation. For thee, not for me, per usual.

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Does everyone really need to listen to music that often? FFS download the shit and put it on your phone or computer. Of course Cuckify is going to bend to hysterical SJW demands, especially when all of the other big tech firms are following suit. Get your act together, set some goals, and go fucking do something.

Bunch of fucking babies on here bitching about some lame music streaming service.

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Some of us are fond of respecting property rights and not simply taking things that were offered for sale or rent, even when the taking is easy.

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Why did you ever have an account with them in the first place? Worthless service that now shows it's true agenda. Not one dime from me ever.

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I think you mean to say "good for you". Man, let's support our fellow free speech advocator...

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Just like Netflix, thank god I am a lazy fuck and didnt get one tilll they started to turn to shit and jack up prices.

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I wish I would have been smarter like you in the first place.

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Don't buy any media, period.

Don't give any money to these fuckers, period.

If you give them your money you actively support this.

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There is nothing wrong, and everything right, with buying media from artists who are not degenerate. Funding platforms that support leftist agendas is what needs to be avoided.

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So I just quit Google Play Music and moved to Spotify. What is left?

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A holocaust.

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Spin up a Plex server and host your own shit.

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bit torrent, if none of these companies want your money then just go ahead and stop paying for it.

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Pirate you music like a red blooded non faggot that's whats left. Show these kikes what you're made of.

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But piracy is for commies.

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