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We are quickly getting to 1984 levels of censorship, the internet was going to be bent to either government or corporate will. We are getting the latter it would seem.

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government or corporate

implying there's a difference

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There's a big difference if you're in charge.

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not getting closer this is 100% gov controlled he had nothing to do with recent events they had him on a list also hes a leftist

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Wilson also recently launched Hatreon, a tongue-in-cheek competitor to Patreon which recently banned “hate speech” from its platform.

I guess the Cloudfare faggot woke up pissed off at him the next day...?

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Make no mistake about it, every single organization that leftists deem as going against their agenda will be purged in time. Very scary stuff.

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And every single leftist platform will haemorrhage users until only SJWs are left. They're doing this because they're still convinced non-leftists are a tiny minority who can safely be stepped on, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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Something has to be done aboutcthis insanity

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"welocome to cloudflare. get the fuck out if we deem you hatespeech"

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any kid can take down a site without any ddos protection

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Cloudflare doesn't provide hosting services. What changed is that they're now vulnerable to DDoS attacks unless they get another such service.

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Unrelated question or related idk: Does anyone know the legality of this thing in Canada?