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Well this is really interesting. She says, "I didn't know alt-right was white supremacy, I thought it had to do with Trump. He's not about white supremacy" Ex-fucking-xactly. She's probably like the average american reacting to this. I wonder what time this was recorded. She seemed just as clueless as the rest of us even 5 hours after the arrest was made.

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https://wefunder.com/minds has to become an expected and frequented alternative to the fascist ORwellian nightmare that is Youtube.

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I would just direct them to https://www.minds.com/ It is a great site.

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There is still something fishy here.

Her earlier Facebook post same day she said "James is going to a BOOTCAMP. He's all grown up now."

But in the vid she says he was going to a rally. So which one is it, m'am?

Also, she just finds out son is actually in trouble for ramming car on people, and calmly continues chatting? Not grabbing the phone to see how he's doing, where he is, is he alive?

Also, black car he's pictured with earlier on has a matte black finish, the one at the rally is shiny.

Also, pic of driver captured in rear view mirror does NOT look like James.

Also, nobody was surprised at how professional is that pic that media has everywhere? Not an iphone pic, not moved. Not out of focus. In fact, just as ic a photographer was stationed nearby just waiting...