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AI won't be able to do this, so it will be labor intensive. Clearly, there is an agenda here. You don't spend so much resources unless there is a payback.

Google is no longer a useful resource to the public. I've replaced google with other resources but can't entirely avoid it. Google's agenda is changing consumer's behaviors and it will not stop the oligarchs from advancing their agenda. It will only create more insanity.

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Google is already under fire for their AI deleting war crime videos and the like. If Google succeeds in this, the content of the internet will shift. Content creators will have to take politics into consideration when doing SEO. It will become more profitable to run a website that caters to Google's censorship rules than to rebel against them.

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Definetly afraid of not being in control. They've seen how people may organize in ways they don't like, we saw the beginnings of this when they were censoring the trending tweets during the election. They now know they want control over more aspects of the situation.

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What can you say. They are afraid of the truth and the people seeing it en masse more and more.