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This is why I always downvote anything from gatewaypundit. Drudge always uses "clever" headlines or puts puns in. This doesn't mean jack fucking shit. Gatewaypundit is awful.

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I noticed this and thought it was really weird. Drudge has always been a Trump supporter, and suddenly for no obvious reason he turns against Trump. What the fuck? Trump had nothing to do with some frightened guy running his car into some liberal fascists who were throwing rocks and becoming violent.

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Unless it was indeed a False Flag military patsy and Drudge found out somehow. The undeployed airbag was pretty odd. I also thought the MSM adding the helocopter crash two into the death statistics was telling.

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The article throws Drudge under the bus based off assuming the intent behind a headline. The article says that Drudge is "obviously" pushing responsibility on Trump...when that isn't clear at all and isn't remotely my impression of the same headline. It can be read more than even two ways...

In the corner Drudge has had Trump condemning bigotry and violence all day, including as I type this...You can't reconcile the two without tossing out the unjustified assumption that this writer makes.

In short, this article is total bullshit. There is ZERO indication that Drudge is blaming Trump.

Fuck off with this shill shit.

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GatewayPundit is always bullshit.

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The OP may be wrong, or not, but I thought the same thing he did when I read Trump's headline.

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The problem is that there isn't rational justification for said reading, all known context points to other readings.

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The headline in question links to a Daily Mail article.

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Fuck (((Gateway Pundit))), they are just as bad as CNN.

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(((Trump))) himself is Jewish by default, if this article were true, which it's not, sofaking what?

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Gay jew.

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fuck him.. dumbocrats shooting congress is a lot worse...

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No, fuck the writer for pushing this nonsense and making unjustified assumptions about the context of a hyperbolic headline. Drudge isn't throwing Trump under the bus nor blaming Trump. This article is trash.