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His modus operandi was to seek women with good credit scores and trusting hearts. He reportedly scammed many women over the years, all by claiming to be a stockbroker. Because he reportedly “looked like someone who ran a financial services company,” he was able to persuade women to give him staggering amounts of money. One gave him more than $240,000 to invest. Another was robbed of $100,000. In total, he scored more than $1 million from 13 different women, according to Scottsdale police.

i feel that these women deserved what happened to them because they probably were materialistic bitches

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Dude was black; pretty enterprising, for a nog, I know. Surprised he didn't just rape/murder them and steal their credit cards.

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Fat ugly heifer mudsharks getting scammed. That's justice in itself.

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Fat coalburners get scammed by nigger. Pathetic.

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in europe he'd get community service for raping these woman..

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lol so true