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Has a military record, and registered republican.

Obviously not a voat goat because I'm pretty sure I've gone on drunken rants about non-violence wins the general public. The violence against the Nazis is why so many German citizens supported their rise to power.

Virtue signaling is off the charts today.

This war hasn't gone hot yet, killing Americans, no matter how much you don't like them, isn't going to win anyone over.

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There's been an attempted assassination of Republican leadership and now this, I'd say it's warming up. The U.S. is a country that likes to use violence to solve problems, once they've identified each other as the enemy this is the end result.

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The Nazis gained sympathy from the general public because of the violence against them. In the forward of Mein Kampf, Hitler lists the names of the Nazis killed by the government during their march.

That's what it takes to lead a movement, to gain support.

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Obviously not a voat goat because I'm pretty sure I've gone on drunken rants about non-violence wins the general public.

Lol why the fuck would you think your opinion on this website dictates anyone else's actions, faggot?

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Users here aren't the extremist type.

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Unless you kill the right ones.

This is Murika broh! We do killin right! Don't give up on us just yet. We just getting started. There is a point where violence goes so far that you switch sides. it's safer to become the monster than to be eaten by it.

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Nuh uh, because "BREAKING: #Charlottesville Car Terrorist Is Anti-Trump, Open Borders Druggie", honest....

[Sorry the whole autisticly inspired game of "Kick the lefty kid" has just been too much today, and didn't help anything.]

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This faggot is a never Trumper, and could be a Jew.

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the car was registered to a jerome vangheluwe but he said that he sold it, but in ohio it is illegal to transfer the plate to a buyer so car probably still registred to jerome and not James Alex Fields Jr.

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I heard he was a Bernie supporter, does he gave anything on social media to confirm this. Registered R doesn't mean he voted Trump.

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There's pictures of him at the whatever rally. He's one of the right wing. There's no denying it unless there's absolute proof of him being a plant.

I'm not a leader, and I can't tell any of the visitors here what to do, but I will say what should be done, own it.

There's nothing but violence from the left. The police shut down the peaceful protest, which they had a permit for, and led them straight into the gauntlet of the violent left. No police protection was provided. This is a failure from the top. The governor and the mayor should be held accountable for their failures. Whether the driver felt threatened or not, it was the local government who shut down their peaceful protest and put them on the streets.

I dunno, just throwing out ideas.

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Wasn't the washington post reporting that he was booked somewhere else in Virginia for 2nd degree murder just a week ago?

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I think I got my days mixed up, on top of the fact that news agencies will write about something today as if it already happened in the past because over time most people will read their story after the fact. In other words I think I was wrong.

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https://tweetsave.com/bnonews/status/896544395817865216 :

BNO News on Twitter: "Mugshot released of 20-year-old James Fields who is accused of driving his car into protesters in Charlottesville t.co/DKbCSn6Uk2 t.co/SqyzaPWPns"

This has been an automated message.

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So did they give this guy a change of shirt? Multiple photos show a man in a pure white shirt.

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You ever been to jail, sonny boy? That's the jailbird stripes.

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No, I don't act like a nigger so I've never been. Didn't think stripes were collared shirts nowadays.

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Man are you fucking retarded?

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No you dumb mother fucker, I'm genuinely curious. Which is why I stated the post in the form of a question you cunting faggot. I've never been to jail because I'm not a fucking degenerate nigger.

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