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Brian Williams flew a helicopter over NK and he's here to say: Un. Can't. Golf.

Fuck Brian Williams gutter shit excuse for a human

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NK... boogey man of the hour.

How does one actually scare someone to death. I know rabbits die of heart attack if they get scared. My mom's friend almost dies every time she watches the news... literally. She has some legit panic attacks and hyperventilates.

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Remember the CNN zombies during 9-11 that could not stop watching weeks later. Yeah.fuck the (((MSM)))

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You know what Brian. I'm all out of scared. Let me check my bag again Lyin Brian ..nope fresh outta fucks as well.

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North Korea and the US would never get into an actual war. No way. Unless NK is stupid enough to attack first and make China neutral while the US curbstomps it. Not gonna happen, this is going to be solved by diplomacy or not at all.

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Or a false flag NK attack vs SK. Its the CIA modus operandi, dont be surprised if that's what happens.

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I forgot we had people who undermine peace at any cost.

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They haven't done their real job in decades.

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"And remember, it's illegal to question the North Korea narrative. It's different for the jewish media. Everything you learn about North Korea you learn from us."

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What the hell?....

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is lying brian lying to us?

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