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So Voat is the only website reporting this guys name. /pol/ still stuck on the facebook guy. Reddit stuck on facebook guy. This looks very legit. Good Post. Way to go Voat

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Who knew freedom of speech could get things done?

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An Army Ranger a few years back.

Remember that military guy from Alaska that flew to Hollywood FL to walk past some people at the airport only to shoot others. No one could explain to me why he didn't shoot up his OWN airport.

Sure are a lot of military going postal or false flag patsy lately.

Just seems so Steve Scalise convienient. Just seems weird.

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Fields was listed as an active duty service member of the United States Army from August 18 to December 11, 2015.

5 months? Seems odd.

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Got fired or just failed at AIT or something.

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How the tone in the media has changed!

Let me guess: they found out it was NOT an "alt right" driver, so now it is not that "fkng nazi terrorist" but an unintentional accident when such driver was "accossed by protesters."

Why not naming the side? Call it like it is, it was the antifa and socialist guys that were around him when he accelerated!!! He was attacked by Antifa/peace-lover socialists

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Can somebody start posting sources? OP where'd you get this info? Do we know any background on this guy?

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Ty, if only OP would have done such....

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His mother's name is ((( BLOOM )))

He's JEWISH https://twitter.com/captain_guard/status/896531351545028612