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Its still anti-Trump propaganda, just a bit more mellow. The conclusion that the greatest threat to America is social injustice is absurd. If social injustice was going destroy the US, it would have happened by now. The US has always had less "social justice" (as defined by the left), than it does now.


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Those comments. Only a few people with any common sense and the rest are shouting that the sky is falling and that Trump really is Hitler 2.0 who will never relinquish power.


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But guys! North Coria!!


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https://archive.is/PXcFr | https://files.catbox.moe/yfh9dl.png :

Trump Isn’t a Threat to Our Democracy. Hysteria Is. - The New York Times

'There was, it was claimed, a serious risk to liberal democracy from American subversion within, in alliance with the Russians without, peddling seductive untruths. '

'The consequences for American politics have been momentous. '

'National Security Council Report 68 of 1950, for example, argued that the Cold War justified the reduction of nonmilitary expenditure by the “deferment of certain desirable programs,” including welfare. '

'Excessive focus on liberal fundamentals, like basic freedoms or the rule of law, could prove self-defeating. '

'The sky is not falling and no lights are flashing red, but Americans have nonetheless embraced a highly charged, counterproductive way of thinking about politics as a “new Cold War” between democracy and totalitarianism. '

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