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In UK's defense, they have had to divert all resources to stopping people on twitter from saying non government approved things, so they don't have money for stuff like military security.

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I Kek'd, then cried a little.

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At least they can now claim it has aircraft on it.

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Reminder that the UK is so cucked, they literally have a time share navy with their long time enemies, the French.

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Bit clickbaity. It's not actually a commissioned naval carrier, just an empty vessel awaiting delivery.


There are some drone pilots who are angry because they believe it will make drone regulations tighter. Well we believe that those regulations should be tighter, there is no way we should have been able to do what we did.

Oh fuck off. Tightening RC aeroplane regulations won't stop people from being idiots with them like you were, it'll just make them a bit more expensive for everyone and create new ways for the government to watch you.

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Cat is out of the bag. Drone tech is not going anywhere when all you need is a couple motors and guidance chip. Go ahead, make a registry, it will work even less than the guns one...

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It'll be easy to dodge, but it's still another law that can be used against you.

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The security is not under review, the accessibility of drones to the public is. Just make it completely illegal with a death sentence, along with carrying a butter knife and nobody will ever do it, as the countless stabbings attest to.

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Someones got a huge pair of balls on him. I'm surprised their carrier could hold them.

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Lol. Reminds me of when German sub surfaced right behind and us navy ship during a war game. No one noticed it until it broke the surface.

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Plot twist: the amateur was making a gay por video using a drone.