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I just want everyone to contemplate the wording in the article that was linked by Drudge. The wording in the subtitle reads "clashes between white nationalists and counter-protesters." Not "clashes between white demonstrators and liberal fascists" which would be a more accurate description. Why is this important? The left is beating us to death with words. They get to select all the terms, and they are grossly slanted against patriots and nationalists.

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There's nothing wrong with being called a white nationalist. Fuck off with your defeatist shit.

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That wasn't his point. The point was (((they))) will frame everyone opposing us as just counter-protestors, rather than the invaders we see them as. They still own the publications, they can and will frame everything the way they want. I agree accepting the brand is the right move, no need to avoid it at this point unless you have good reason to, but refusing to properly name your enemy is dishonest and a tool they will use to fight us. They will say "teens" rather than niggers, or "Asians" rather than Muslims, or "white supremacists" rather than patriots.

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You're exactly the kind of idiot they're expecting to be able to use to make this work. I get that you're too stupid to understand this, and therefore the only response you can fathom to my comment is going to be an angry comment calling me a pussy or something stupid like that, so I'll simply ignore whatever you say to this, but anyways...

The reason I know that you're stupid is because the question of whether or not "There's nothing wrong with being called a white nationalist" is ENTIRELY BESIDE THE POINT in all of this. It literally does not matter if it is wrong or right to be called a white nationalist. It's entirely justifiable to be PROUD of being white...what, with our running water and soap and what not. The problem here, though....is that you're trying to beat these people and you don't even understand what game we're playing.

You and I know there's nothing wrong with being a "white nationalist" because we rely on an understanding of honor and principles...The people we're being forced to fight DO NOT UNDERSTAND THOSE CONCEPTS.

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People are gonna get the wrong idea, you are gonna have to explain. just sayin....otherwise you are fueling into it all moreso, and these people funding the whole operation know that is part of the plan. Not that its a HUGE factor..

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I think that car might be slanted now.

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That's fine. We get to select the guns because God knows that they can't use them.

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liberal fascists

A shekel for a good goy

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holy shit the left has woken the dragon

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I hope that the average traditional, conservative minded person who happens to be white is smart enough to see what the intention is with this. This is purposeful and it's meant to use our justified, natural anger to cause us to make the "correct" reaction such as "defending" the "white nationalists". I have to use so many annoying "quotes" because the perversion of language is their main, manipulative tool. I'm NOT afraid of being called pro-white or whatever term you want to use, I'm just not going to let them use this the way they intend too. Fuck these faggots because I honestly just want the opportunity to work hard and improve my community, but no...we have to deal with this faggoty bull shit. They want a fight, they'll get it and will do the job well, just like we normally do our jobs. These fucking fools........

EDIT: And now that I've had some time to think about this, I don't think the people behind this care how the average white person responds, I think they are doing this to provoke black people to act retarded in retaliation, with the goal being to start a race war.

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It really is a fight for prosperity

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For existence, they already told us they would kill is to the last man. I have no reason to suspect the niggers were lying.

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they are doing this to provoke black people to act retarded in retaliation, with the goal being to start a race war.

They are doing it to provoke votes in the next election. If they cared about a race war, they would run down the national debt to pay for it. They do not, so there is no long term plan.

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All your posts make it very plain to see that you do not think for yourself, and STILL let the left control the narrative, and thus your behavior. Scream and insult all you want, but cucks like you are the reason we are in this mess. You care more about being accepted by 'the group' than you do about fighting for what is right. To sum it up: you are a giant pussy.

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You still can't manage to actually refute and/or comment on anything that I actually said. You're a waste of time.

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Can't even have a peaceful demonstration without the fascist Antifa getting violent