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This just shows everyone what the left is truly about. these people just can't think, period.

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It's an ethnic war. They are thinking very well and being very successful at it.

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Boy, lots of communists in the USA nowadays. Looks like McCarthy was right!

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We seriously need to start re-enforcing Mcartys laws

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He actually was. The US was instrumental in giving China over to the Commies.

Kai-Shek did nothing wrong.

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McCarthy did nothing wrong.

This is what happens when you let "democracy" and "rights" get in the way of exterminating vermin.

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If we don't get our way we will riot and destroy things that are not ours.

And now the people of Charlottesville, VA and hopefully everywhere else will see these "people" for what they really are.


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Proving the Judge right. Antifa are morons.

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Antifa fucked themselves when they adopted the scary black masks. Who wears masks? The bad guys! If their cause was honest, they would show their faces.

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The masks are there to protect their identities from legal ramifications and (because of cameras) physical retribution at a later time.

They don't need PR, the media will take care of it.

I like your youthful naivete, though.

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This is why people who constitute a minority of the population should not be able to hold elected office. A Jewish mayor is not acting in the majority's best interests. It's time to vote these Jewish mayors out of office & never let them back in.

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No Christian, Muslim or Buddhist should ever vote for a Jew. You might as well just stick a knife in your back. Jews look after Jews, sometimes, but nobody else.

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Hmm so far today this is the only site I've read that mentions antifa, all the others even fox just mention the "white supremacist" rally taking place.

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The left totally controls the mainstream media, and the left is anti-right and anti-white.

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The Communist Jews are rioting again.

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Antifa is a communist Jew thing.

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