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First time I got to see the video of Unite the Right marchers. So awesome, I am so proud of all who participated! So proud to be an American!!

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This is it brothers, our identity returns!

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Reminder that this is all caused because jews manipulate whites into fighting each others. I love bashing lefties too. The jews remain the main target.

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Traitors go first.

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If you only kill the traitors instead of the source, all you will end up doing is killing brain washed whites. That's not a good long term policy. Better go with my plan. Kill the jews. All of them.

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It gets better.

The New Name for toilet Merkel is importing borderline degenerate's, not because she wants to increase population or build up the German economy, These Niggers are there to Intimidate the working Class into giving up more resources, Its the boogieman. Transgender Bathrooms=This Israeli NWO bullshit wants to turn our kids into a comodity, Make the goy Tremble in fear.

Israel is now trying to advise Trump on who he should fire, who knows Maybe they will tell him "The deep state said fire mcmaster" but this Ultra Super deep state has the Super best advice goyim... put these guys in charge.... Israel is Funding SOROS, If it was not for Israel, Putin would have had his ass a long time ago.

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White leftists aren't Americans.

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Wow. If this happens a couple more times the left in general is going to shit their pants.

The right - grows foods, owns 4 guns, has canned food, makes own wine, owns or has legal right to 10+ acres, water runs clean all around them for most part, grid can go out and has enough reserves in beer gut to last a month min before even feeling hungry.

The left - Lives in 20x20 box they can be evicted from at any time, no access to any food, water, or guns, no survival skills, too much fat reserves to even properly flee city.

The suburbs of some of these places are going to shit shows soon.

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Have you looked into megalopolis and mega regions?

When shit goes down, 39 million from Boston to Atlanta will die...the east coast is essentially one giant city.

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Not specifically, but with quick search I see what you mean. Everyone will be flooding less populated areas but there are too many to get there.

Stephen KIng's The Stand is a great book that probably gives a pretty accurate depiction of how this goes down when people try to leave those cities. Basically the panic ends up blocking the bridges and tunnels and a total shit show ensues. Sounds about right. Very good book.

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where does the water "run clean"? There isn't natural source of water left in the United States that is safe to drink from, not that you can't purify it relatively simply and real rural folks generally know how to.

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Pesticides and runoff of course, but it won't kill you to drink the water around me. Meanwhile in Chicago last few years they've had periods they told people not to even enter Lake Michigan. Let alone drink from it.

Mostly I meant it's not total poison.

And out west where it's mostly cattle you can drink. I've done it before. It's exaggerated how dangerous drinking water is. If it's running quickly, you can likely drink it. Not a guarantee, but the Bear Grillz stuff is retarded. If you are in the middle of nowhere and there is a running stream. The odds are overwhelming it's safe to drink.

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"Alt-right" is a name given to proud citizens who love our country, and want our policies to relfect that. This is a psy-op tactic to define and associate to their favor. I understand this trick, and do not like the name "alt-right". They control the definition and examples of "alt-right" by dominating the media, higher learning institutions, and journalism. By not rejecting this name into us, they control our optics to anyone who is ignorant or interested in our platform. I like the "unite the right" movement. Because "the right" is more concretely defined now, they can not shift this definition as easily in their favor. Alt-right is a newer term, more easily to define because less people are familiar with the term.

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I like the "unite the right" movement.

I need to do more research to get to an informed opinion. Saw this post today:


With so many sources of info being known to be controlled by those who I already know to be opposed to my beliefs, and good at their long-practiced skills, it will take me some time to read as much as I can.

Other than that point, I agree and appreciate your comment.

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This. I understand taking their term and making it ours, but the act of doing that gives weight to their term, which is what they've wanted. I'm not alt-right, I'm a libertarian/ traditionalist...that's never changed, so why should I accept a new name my enemy has decided I should be called. Fuck that.

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Soros didn't hire enough smack heads.

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Things are turning around.

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Good to see the white right united. Our enemies have been very effective in dividing us and browbeating us and shaming us into submission, but maybe that will start to change with Trump in the White House. The left miscalculated when they attacked beloved symbols of the South. That was just stupid, and premature for them because they don't yet control whites totally. There was resistance. It was the same kind of mistake that Hillary Clinton made when she called working-class whites "deplorables" -- just a very stupid move born of arrogance and hubris. The left miscalculated -- they thought they had crushed out the last vestages of pride and self-respect from whites. They were wrong.

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