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I have a feeling it is media as well as the police unions that are doing the censoring on this one. Media because it is what they are paid to.

Police because if they don't it is open season on lawsuits for officers. Imagine how many officers are of Muslim faith. It would be wise to keep that under wraps as much as they can.

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I can't blame the police for trying to keep things quiet. For the past 3, 4 years, BLM has been fucking with them hardcore and SJWs have been a massive thorn in their side. It's not really any different now than usual.

But everyone else... fucking hells. This is why ALM started, because despite what BLM pretends to claim, everyone damn well knows they don't give a fuck about non-blacks.

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I was on their side when BLM was giving them shit but this has gone too far. Either they stop the blue line shit or we start suing them.

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If you could only choose one religion OR one skin color to wipe out today which one would you choose!?

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Muslim takes care of many niggers and dune coons.

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Any answer other than Jews is a waste tbh. wipe out anyone else is insignificant, they have plenty of other golems.

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Does being a retard count as a religion :3

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Jews. Most bad things that happen are symptoms of jewry. Jews are the root of most evil on Earth

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Police because if they don't it is open season on lawsuits for officers

Yay diversity. Causing confusion on levels not seen since the ussr

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I can't believe we have somalis as police now. As if any of those muslime niggers have the IQ to cut it. This faggot probably just got pushed through because there are so fucking many of those vermin here and there's been a huge push for "muh community relations" with cops. And since we know they don't assimilate or interact with anyone but their own, they needed their own cops too I guess.

Seriously, I am so sick of all the somalis here. They're fucking everywhere. I've probably said this before, but thanks to Section 8 they're starting to spread out of their containment zones and into the suburbs. So I now have to see their trash bag garb semi often whereas even a couple years ago you only saw that in the inner cities.

Please just drop a bomb on us.

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Nice liberal white Minnesotans like my mom are being red pilled just by how incredibly shitty the Somalis are.

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More Minnesotans are getting sick of the Somalian population. They are rude, nasty and disrespectful people that at some point you just have to quit denying that they are savages.

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IQ to be a police? I thought they wanted low IQ people, I guess not that low. But really, if you're IQ is too high, isn't it true you can't be a cop?

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It was a court case in the 80's, I can't remember where it was. The police force rejected a guy because he scored extremely well on the test and they had found that people who scored that high wouldn't last long and would quit because they found the work boring. The court ruled the the police had a right to discriminate based on intelligence.

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Most people don't realize how much affirmative action is involved in police hiring, especially in larger cities. I once applied for a police officer job in a particular city in which I was not hired. I paid to attend an academy and meet the college requirements out of my own pocket, and have a clean record, honorable discharge from the military, etc. They actually paid a black kid from the city an hourly wage to attend an academy, despite the fact that he already probably qualified for free tuition, and then swore him in as soon as he graduated. I don't even know if he is still working there, but they had that shit plastered on page one of the local paper. The PD in another nearby city where I grew up just hired a female Hispanic "anchor baby" at the age of 21. Of course, she was/is pregnant with her 2nd child out of wedlock when she started so she will not be going to start field training until after her taxpayer funded maternity leave is done being paid for. In 20 years your average police force will be 90% diversity, and they will hold all of the positions of administrative power in these organizations: So when whitey gets shot without any justification because they lack the IQ for proper decision making in a use of force situation, nobody will get fired or go to jail. I strongly suspect that this Mohamed Noor will not be criminally charged. Probably had a flashback to his pirate ship days or something.

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lol all police have a cap on IQ. They took the case to the supreme court to maintain the right to refuse to hire intelligent officers. There is a difference between the typical idiot cop who hires a somalian and the typical somalian with an IQ in the 70's though.

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These animals from Somalia are not humans like us...they are a demented group of people. I've dealt with them several times, and each time they have caused problems for people...And the fucking police protect them (because the cop's are cowards).

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There's actually two Somalias, The southern portion (Somalia, a former British colony) and the northern portion (Somaliland, a former Italian colony with de-fact independence). The Southern portion is a failed socialist state which the UN is trying to impose another socialist government on. The northern portion is more functional and retained the traditional Somali legal system Xeer.

Xeer is really weird and interesting, instead of having law imposed on people from an all powerful government, it creates responsibility by having family and tribal groups negotiate settlements and punish offenders. So if you assault someone, their judge (kinda like a godfather) will meet yours and agree what restitution you have to pay. If you can't pay, your family has to, then your clade and your tribe and so on.

The result is that their culture's sense of conscience comes from their family/tribal group, and they avoid criminality to avoid harming their family. The ones we see in the west are often hardened criminals who fucked up so bad even their family doesn't want them. They're seriously dangerous because they're literally cut off from their social conscience and probably weren't all that sane to begin with. Combine that with Islam and they're a time bomb.

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Sounds like the old Norse legal system

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Somalis are Nigger + Muslim. What more do you need to know?

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And it's the only story about it on the site. When a black man with a gun is shot by police, you can't get away from it. This is disturbing.

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Home of the limited government.

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They eat a lot of goat meat.

To be fair, goat is delicious.

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Pirates of peace, goyim!

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The headline is always written White cop shoots UNARMED NIGGER (who was on a crime spree) REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny how that works...

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I was an aquaintance of Justine, it would be out of her character to even be confrontational with the police. She was a pacifist and very gentle woman. Somalian men truly think of white women as disposable garbage. I have encountered Somalian teenage boys thinking they are going to talk down to me and demand I allow them to sexually assault me, being obviously a woman who is older than them. The only issue with sexual assault in that area are Somalian men on white women. She was calling in a sexual assault case. He wanted to protect a man of his community because he doesn't see Justine as a equal but that assiliant was.

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This cop around where I live shot a qb from another schools team. Kid was a star. It was before this BLM stuff started, bout ten years ago when I was in highschool. We had no problem winning with their best player dead. Idk why I brought this up. Just stirred up some memories I had forgotten. Nothin happened to the cop nothin really happened all. Pretty sure the kid had a rifle but it's Mississippi everyone packin there. Idk where I was going with this.

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Jews hate White people. Wealthy Jews want us all dead.

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Something something Gentle Giant

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Jihad invasion? its one thing deal with islamo terrorists in the sands, camel jackers in Arabia who follow the teaching of thier mad man pedophile jihadist prophet to the letter. These kinds of scum can be dealt with, they can be seen, fought on land, defeated in battle, but the other guys the immigrants, the lawyers, the deceivers, the preachers they are helped invade through charity, immigration, refugee, asylum and NGO organizations try to entrench themselves in society, once they dig in they spread islamism like rats and cockroaches spread. They fucked up Lebanon, made Hindu India break into an islamist state of Pakistan, Occupied Constantinople, sent much of Africa backwards into slavery and jihad, as if Africa didn't have enough problems and now the set themselves up in Europe etc. These immigration, preacher, Sharia Law peoples can be far more deadly than any al qaeda or ISIS, people tend not to see them because their deadly attack is very slow and not so attention grabbing or explosive. However the attack is equally as bad if not far more deadly to Western Democracy or Democratic Civilizations

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I guess the scumbag Muslim cop thought she showed too much cleavage for Allah! But since Minnesota is so liberal, he'll get an award for protecting the community.

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Hey now, only Minneapolis and the surrounding cities. Most of MN is deer hunting, gun loving peoples.

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http://www.apsanlaw.com/law-246.List-of-Sanctuary-cities.html Minneapolis seems to be a sanctuary city. They voted in an islamist and are 'proud' of their somalian population. Seems like a bunch of fucking cucks and cowards.

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