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According to police sources, Noor shot across his partner and out the window of the squad car, striking Damond. When Noor opened fire, his partner was "stunned," according to the source.

Woah I missed that! She was talking in the driver side, he drew and fired PAST his partner? What the hell

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This was obviously murder.

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He is on paid administrative leave because police protect their own more than the public.

This is probably the beginning of very dark times for the US.

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...among other exceptionally bafflingly stupid things!

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Seriously. You're a cop sitting in the passenger side and the person you shoot is standing by the driver's side. What possible threat could you have seen? At night nonetheless?

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You couldn't. This was murder.

This is why we lynched niggers.

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He's a bad cop, should lose his job and face criminal charges.

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And it gets even better :

"Mohamed Noor, who joined the department in March 2015, reached over and shot Justine Damond, 40, multiple times from the passenger seat of his squad car while she spoke to his colleague on the drivers side in a back alley."

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If I was his partner, I would be mad as hell. firing a gun in an enclosed space, such as a car, will destroy your eardrums.

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Who the hell thought one of those low IQ Somalian thugs could do police work? This clown couldn't even wait until he was away from his partner to nig out. Dead eyes and a creepy smile. That face would give me nightmares, if I could still dream.

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One of the nightly news stations did a report about one. I think it was in Florida or something. Dude could barely speak English idk how anyone could be expected to obey his commands at a distance

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In all fairness, police depts like to hire low IQ cops http://abcnews.go.com/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story?id=95836

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Yeah, but there's a difference between having people of average or even below average intelligence on a police force, and hiring a fucking IQ 70 cannibal to be a cop. There's a good chance he's functionally retarded. Or should I say nonfunctionally, because there are plenty of retarded people who go their whole lives without shooting a middle-aged woman in her pajamas.

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Was riding in passenger seat, shot across in car, body cameras and patrol car camera off....

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He'll probably only get fired because he shot "across his partner", not the fact he killed an innocent woman.

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I'm not surprised they were off. They were still in the car. With how eager the cops are to get up and assert themselves, this tells me they'd literally just gotten there.

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Do mudslime cops know they applied to become a pig? Allah will not be happy.

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Why would you let a somali be a cop in the United States??? WE HAVE FUCKING LOST OUR MINDS.

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Why would you let a somali be a cop in the United States??? WE HAVE FUCKING LOST OUR MINDS.

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Guarantee they pushed him through just like the Hmong cops we have so they can say, look we are so progressive. He was probably more familiar the an AK-47, but had to settle for a 9mm, thankfully.

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Two things going on here:

The Mayor and The Police Chief ... though, City Counsel is almost 50/50.

Hope that diversity hire felt great at the time, virtue signalling fucktards.

And something deep inside me says he was probably holding his gun sideways. Wtf, Minnesota; getting worse and worse.

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There's something creepy about that police chief. Something's off.

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Minneapolis is one of the most insane places in the US. They've brought in millions of muslims, effectively ruining the city, which is a major metropolitan area.

It's essentially a welcome center for terrorists.

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I can't wait to get out of this somali infested shithole.

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You have stories to share.

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I'm right there with you. Minnesota is fucked.

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I live in ND right next to Minnesota and I refuse to go there. But now your Muslims are starting to spill over into my state. This used to be one of the whitest places in the US. Now I can't go to my local Walmart without counting twenty burkas. (LITERALLY TWENTY) in a rural North Dakota that was 95% white ten years ago. This is a coordinated invasion of the whitest areas of the US to destroy white civilization. Liberals must be killed. Then the muzzies driven out.

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Just move to the outer suburbs if you can...

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I mentioned this in another thread. I recommend reading local Minneapolis news if you want the most complete reporting of the story. Since I don't want to link the same shit twice here's another local source - http://www.gomn.com/news/know-justine-damond/.

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I'm betting dollars to donuts that the original "sexual assault" Justine Damond (Ruszczyk) called on was by a fellow Moslem of the Police officer, Mohamed Noor.

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White woman gets raped by Somali, calls cops on Somalian perp. Cop shows up is only Somalian cop ever, perp is his cousin, turns off cameras (which should be automatic felony imo), shoots victim point blank because pavement ape. Gets put on administrative leave but deserves death penalty.

How are you enjoying your diversity quota now Minneapolis?

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or someone else in the community? good call.

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I think you're onto something. I bet he heard the accusations she was making to his partner and decided to nip that in the bud!

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"...and the Police Chief will say, 'we love our Somalis, we love our Muslims. Oh they're so good, oh they're so sweet.'"

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Just put him in a MAGA hat and he'll be a based negro at the top of /theDonald

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just because kike SJW's and niggers run reddit doesn't mean Trump supporters are dumb.


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the memes are fucking converging at terrifying pace, DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF AND FACE TO BLOODSHED!!

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