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if I go anywhere with my family and there are niggers running the joint, or loitering about, I leave. Niggers will murder your children right in front of you and the State will give them a brass star of David for assisting in White Genocide and I would go to prison for self defense.

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I wonder if they have been drinking?

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looks like my toolbox (full of ratchets)

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It's fat, brain-dead nigger against fat, brain-dead nigger. Who is going to win? We don't care -- with nigs, we all lose.

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The only good thing going on here was the ass on the white guy with the black shirt and tan pants.

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I havent heard about the taco bell brawl, Ill look it up in a min, but watching this pizza place one .... is anyone else wondering that out of 6?females not one of them had a knife on her? or any kind of a weapon? Holy shit .