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never call the government for help with anything. it can only get worse since they are now hiring sand niggers. the state is not your friend. they only exist to steal and murder

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Yep, any call to your house is going to be at the very least an opportunity to scope out your security and what valuables and rapeables you have.

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Try to find information of the average response time to calls in your district. Most precincts are understaffed.

Your best bet is getting to know your neighbor and before that owning a gun, security system, and maybe some animals.

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The scariest words you can ever hear: I'm with the government. I'm here to help.

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It depends on where you live. There are still good ol' boys working as small county sherrifs. I just don't trust any big city cops.

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I can't reitarat this to my close family friends enough. Sadly some of them still think that this local and foreign entity that steals from them in all aspects of life can help them with their problems. It truly is a sad sight. Whether it's the socialists, communist, welfare seekers, gun control people, and so on they all seem to be in a trance of cognitive dissonance which is unbreakable. I want big government out of my life and mind. Thank you.

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So much for the white cop narrative.

Expect this to die in the MSM now that a moslem is involved.

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He will get a couple months of paid leave, some additional training and be back to work. A white cop would go on trial for murder.

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And spark widespread chimpouts.

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A white cop would go on trial for murder.

Several already have.

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Nigger Muslim.

Yay, diversity.

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Wayyyy worse is right

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You're right, MSM will bury this. Saw it posted on Eddit though and one of the rationales I saw was "This is just another case of police brutality, the race is irrelevant".

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Ms Damond had a well-known stance against guns, and there was no way she would have been armed on Saturday night, her friend Hannah, 21, told the paper.

She also explained Damond (nee Ruszczyk), who had already taken her fiance's last name often spoke about the benefits of Australia's tight gun control

She learned the hard way why you don't want government thugs to be the only ones with guns.

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No, she learned the hard way why you shouldn't give shitskins guns

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Except they never learn, there is always another excuse or justification.

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You mean why you shouldn't let them in your country.

Muslimes will just explode if they can't have a gun.

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Same thing. Government agencies have more of a motivation to hire for virtue than effectiveness.

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Once I read Australia I became a lot less sympathetic. The irony was too deep. Stupid nanny state weaklings.

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*Australian woman living in the US.

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Nice, one less liberal.

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Both officer's bodycams were off and the squad car camera not recording when Damond

20 years jail for both of them.

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If a cop shoots someone with their bodycam turned off, it should be an automatic murder charge.

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Possibly, if there's a reasonable defence for why it was off then no. But if they turned it off or sabotaged it, it should be treated as intent for whatever came next.

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One can happen, but the odds of both cams having issues during a potential murder...

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Yep. Too many of these where the officers bodycams malfunction or just turned off

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Police in Minneapolis are required to wear bodycams at all time, but they are not continually active and are manually switched on when an officer anticipates they will be needed.

What a bullshit policy.

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What else did you think Police unions were for?

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I assumed it was that they were set to record when the officer left the car or something. Not just at their choosing. I can see not wanting/being able to record every second of every officers day nationwide but leaving it to each officers discretion is fucking stupid.

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I've been hearing on radio that she called reporting a sexual assault going on nearby. Then we hear of a Muslim cop showing up and accidentally shooting her. I'll be he was associated with the sexual assault and shot her to cover his tracks. Maybe

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He shot her multiple times. It wasn't an accident.

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Have you seen the documentary 75? Crazy what cops did to NY city but that theory isn't something new to police enforcement


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https://archive.is/YjtJs | :

Police officer who shot Justine Damond identified | Daily Mail Online

'She was holding her cell phone and talking to an officer on the drivers side before she was shot. '

'The police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman in mysterious circumstances after she called 911 to report a disturbance behind her upscale Minneapolis home has been identified. '

'At the time of the shooting Mr Damond, the vice president of Little Six Casino, was away on business. '

'Damond was due to marry fiance Don Damond, a former musician, in August, and become a step-mother to his 22-year-old son Zach. '

'The decision to equip all police with bodycams came after the black motorist Philando Castile was shot by an officer in 2016 in controversial circumstances. '

This has been an automated message.

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"...inducted into the Somali American Police Association"

Why the fuck is this even allowed to be a thing?

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and what exactly do they do? Goat slaughtering ceremonies? Koran memory contests? Child bride giveaways?

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Perfect example of the problems Minneapolis has been brewing for years now. I lived in Brooklyn Park 10 years ago and there were already plenty of neighborhoods in Minneapolis we didn't go because of the Somali's they had been bringing into the area.

Now fast forward a few years and a couple thousand more "refugees" later and this is what you get... My wife has loads of family there and I refuse to move us back. They don't vaccinate their kids and don't integrate into the community.

Just look at the measles epidemic they are creating or the heightened TB going around in the hospitals adding insult to injury. They hold open rallies about Islam and "Fuck America" and about anti-white beliefs. Now this nigger killed an innocent woman. I for one would love to hear the explanation on how this manifested into her death. Someone should string this cocksucker up from a tree.

This is what multicultural punch will continue to bring us so by all means drink it up MN. If this was any other way around the outrage should be the same. What kind of fucking idiot fires across his partner out of a vehicle? This is why manually controlled body came are bullshit. We have the technology to record entire patrols... I just don't fucking get it.

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Wasn't just one shot either..

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