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Fuck this guy on so many levels.

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Well mayor, having the President of the United States visit is part and parcel of living in a large city.

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https://archive.is/t9Wmu | :

London mayor: I'm not sure it's 'appropriate' to roll out red carpet for Trump | TheHill

'London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he's not sure it's "appropriate" to roll out the red carpet for President Trump. '

'After the attack, Khan said there was no reason to worry about increased police presence in London. '

'"State visits are different from a normal visit," Khan told CNN in an interview Monday. '

'Trump previously went after the mayor after an attack in London earlier this year. ', "Khan has in the past called for the British government to cancel a state visit from Trump and has spoken out against Trump's travel ban."

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Be awesome if like trump has a live televised conference with this guy and out of no where is like hold on it's time for christian prayer and just starts praising jesus.

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Well it's not appropriate to have a shit skin mayor in England. Fuck you Sadiq!

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I'm not sure it's appropriate to support known terrorists while maintaining a mayoral position of England's capital city.

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We've been way too nice to liberals and non-white "immigrants" and SJWs and blacks for far too long. Stop being polite to these idiots. They are completely in the wrong and we all know it. Say so, every chance you get.

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Would it help if Trump promised to have his motorcade run down a crowd of pedestrians and then machete the survivors? I bet this prick would welcome him with open arms then.

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He'll have to shout Allahu Ackbar while doing so in order to get the full welcome.

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