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Like... the rape I can somewhat understand. It's horrible, but some men and women do get off on violating people. What the fuck makes someone walk into a shop naked, after committing a serious crime, then openly stealing stuff. Did they seriously think they wouldn't get arrested and the police work out they were the rapists?

I can see the response right now "they're niggers" but there's plenty of black people in the US and most of them manage to get through their entire lives without any naked shoplifting. Is it some kind of weird fetish?

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Drugs. But, niggers, too.

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Those must be some drugs.

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I have a great solution. Take these animals out into a field and set them on fire. Pour gasoline on their legs and watch them wail in agony. If they pass out, wake them up. Do this for one hour, then pour gasoline on the rest of their body, light it and walk away. Simple.

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That's a waste of gasoline, just shoot them in the head like rabid animals.

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That's a waste of ammo, just chase them off a cliff like buffalo.

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Meth. Not even once.