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When you run a business that sells fried chicken it's probably a good idea to attract as many police as you can.

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Top Kek

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They said "uniform", not police...

Let's all go to KFC!

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In a twist, this is an anti-cop initiative to give them all heart disease and kill them sooner.

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Average Cop: "I'm okay with this."

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Do starfleet uniforms count? Because I have a hook up that can get me one pretty quickly.

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Who are you kidding, you own it don't lie

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I used to (proudly) own a red starfleet shirt. I think I lost it a couple of girlfriend manic closet cleanings ago, though.

I think I deserve a promotion to a blue science team shirt.

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yes lets make cops fatter

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Probably a bad business decision but if they pay for it out of their marketing budget that might be all right.

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Probably a tax write off. Nothing wrong with that. Better than giving it to BLM (which would probably put them out of business in a day or two anyway).

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Doubt the can write off anything on their taxes, but I would bet that they don't have to worry about security anymore.

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I don't know that area and what business problems that store faces, but I think it's probably a smart business decision in the long run because they're going to be attracting better customers.

Think about what they're doing by essentially promoting that cops are always hanging out there: they'll keep most of the crackheads, methheads, troubled youths, homeless, nignogs, and other trouble makers away and are telling families that it's a good place to go out for an occasional quick meal. Degenerates hanging out at your store spend little money, take up tables and make messes, and are off-putting to normal customers who actually spend money.

As long as the cops aren't abusing the system, the food costs are probably negligible as restaurants are always throwing away a portion of the food they prepare anyway.

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attracting better customers.

Place is 90% white (only about 4K people anyway). But they are on the West Virginia border so that meth problem could be really bad.

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They already have the EBT market cornered, so now they want to attract customers with jobs.

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No way KFC take EBT cards.

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I'd just be happy if they stopped their mad science on what used to be called chickens.

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Does a KKK robe and hood count? I'm asking for a friend.

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