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Good, fuck the kike Rothscild Satanic bankers, hit them were it hurts

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Well, seeing as Trump is promoting a nationalist, inter trade economy, this wouldnt affect us either. Also Trump hasn't sued any states for using the gold/silver commodities system as a bartering system, so my guess, is all these countries will turn to another currency system, and the kikes will be left holding on to their worthless debt.

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Beyond the click-baitey title, that site is fucking cancer on a mobile device

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Good. Hegemony and empire have been terrible for US citizens. Let it die. Long live the republic!

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They'll be no "exclusive" trade in gold. Govt's can't stand being tied down on their spending. Gold is a means to protect wealth when the govts get out of hand and ruin their currency, gold is not currency itself. Not anymore and not in the foreseeable future.

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I dont agree. If one player in the game can leverage almost infinite spending the other players have lost and must now find a new game. Even if that means some discomfort. Better to find a new game than to keep losing to the house.

Besides it wont be forever. Just long enough to weaken the US and narrow the spending gap.