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Came here to say this. archive link

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Which one of you fags did this? kek

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It's kinda sad that no one in the position to do anything about this, is, and so everyone else is just left to joking about it.

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So why hasn't she been arrested yet?

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The demon elite are not subject to the laws of humans. They are subject to their own laws which they have made for themselves; and under those laws, the Witch-Queen has done nothing wrong.

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Gee maybe its the decades worth of dirt she has on the people in power.

Gee maybes its the hundreds of millions she has and can use to hire hitmen to "suicide people".

Gee maybe its cause he hubbie is an ex-president with ties to the global elite who run the world.

Gee i wonder why???????

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Trump is building a bullet proof case, probably needs to arrest a bunch of people at once to preserve evidence. Alex Jones says they're working on it and they are waiting for the right moment politically.

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Wow, citation and everything.

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That's wiki letting you know that money can make a murder look like a suicide when you proceed with evidence against the Clintons.

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