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Another "suicide" that shot themselves in the back o the head twice

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That's like 2 in one week. Another Clinton coincidence.

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I'll be pleased when karma returns to them ten fold.

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Someone has to end this shit.

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there you go, bait the stupid. the only way to not be slaughtered in the court of public opinion is to drag these monsters through the legal system. i know...they built the legal system.....but "stopping" these people in the old school, sure fire way only villify us with half of the idiot population. we have to be smarter. we have to illustrate how these people are buffoons, and their ideologies inevitably lead to human misery.

[–] BentAxel 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

Do you honestly believe the legal system is ever going to work on them? Never. Baiting the stupid may have more success.

Here's a LONG list of the legal system working.

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Damn dude you got a death wish! Don't go liftin' any weights or cleanin' your gun!


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Came to the US just to shoot himself in the head. Seems completely reasonable, especially considering that he wouldn't have easy legal access to a gun.. He would have to buy a gun from someone that could get him say some fentanyl, helium, or some other painless form of death..

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Jesus. How do people not realize this shit. One time? Sure. Multiple times?! God damn.

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Especially when it is dozens of times.

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Pretty sure it's over a hundred, tbh.

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I want to know more about this, are there details on the hearing he was set to testify at???

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just a cohencidence

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Oh geez! :D

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of course! Just like the other 40 odd suicides concerning people opposing the Clintons...

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My question is, how high up the Clinton chain of corruption can you go before you can fully explain this probable murder? Are people actually suggesting Clinton herself ordered him to be killed? Or is it more regional, with someone who benefited from the misappropriated funds wanting him dead, like a local Haitian crime lord? And of course, if it wasn't Clinton herself doing it, it doesn't mean she's free from guilt, especially if she knowingly had the funds improperly distributed and embezzled (which she almost certainly did).

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I just had a fantastic picture in my head of her doing the killing her self with that crazy ass look on her face.

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Clinton's are more gangster than 90% of rappers.

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Puttin prices on peoples hea'

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Putin prices, you mean.

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Your user name is great. I came close to making mine dildo schwaggins but didn't think I could do it justice.

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