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Fuck prison. Put these "people" in an oven.

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What? The? Fuck?

4x4 Post. Carve a handle into one end, pummel into ugly cunts until they are quivering pulps.

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Let me guess, niggers?

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Same thing. A precursor species to Homo Sapiens.

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Saw this on Cops or Lockup or something. Black woman in prison for murder:

"Every time you hear of someone who committed a murder, ask yourself what that muggafugga did to deserve it. There are two sides to every story."

Gotta say, she makes a good point. Not sure what this guy did, but someone was highly motivated to make him suffer.

Would like to think that if I was in such a situation, as I have imagined many times before, I'd take the man's way out and (somehow) cause my own death. Just take it on the chin, so to speak. Not like they're gonna let you live after busting out your teefers and forcing you to fuck a dog. lol. Fuck em, deny them the pleasure. It's the last thing you'll do on Earth so make it count for something.

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What he did to deserve it was to stop turning over his disability check to one of the women who was doing nothing to take care of him.

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Perhaps he should consider why he's turning over his disability checks to women to begin with?

Being lonely is hard. This, I would imagine, is harder. My point remains: fuck those bitches. He can do better.

Edit: nobody deserves for that to happen to them. there's women out there in a similar situation as he is, I assume, who will treat him with respect and love. Right?